After a long day of fasting in Ramadan, the only thing we look forward to is a table full of delicious and variety of foods and juices. In fact we are all geared up to spend lavishly on food in this virtuous month mainly because we experience hunger which makes us realize the value of food. All too often we fail to see those who can’t afford to buy little food or go to sleep on empty stomachs. If Ramadan teaches us anything, it is to look beyond ourselves at a world much different and disadvantaged than ours.


Realizing the needs of those, Foodpanda Pakistan has initiated an online charity program called ‘Click Donate’ to distribute special food packages for less-fortunate families, and homeless people. The campaign that began with Ramadan encourages people to adopt modest lifestyle so that they can spend extra money in charity especially in Ramadan – the month of generosity, moderation and self-discipline.

The Click Donate drive solicits to make online donations in the form of ration bags for fellow citizens of Pakistan. The food bags are categorized into three packages priced at Rs.1000, Rs.1825 and Rs.2890 which contain daily consumer products including rice, flour, tea, cooking oil etc.

To participate in this charitable cause, one has to simply select the ration bag they want to sponsor via the foodpanda website or mobile app, and then pay cash to the TCS Connect representative at their doorstep. For their spirit of generosity, the contributors receive a certificate as a token of appreciation from foodpanda.

The online campaign makes food sharing real simple and quick for the new generation specially. “We wanted to keep speed and simplicity at the core of the program to make it convenient for the donors, partners and the recipients. And I am confident that our nation will participate in this generous program” says Amin-ur-Rehman, co-founder of Foodpanda Pakistan.

In a country where nearly half of the population lives below the poverty line, the food sharing campaign is a much-needed initiative that requires continued support from everyone. “It’s never too late to make a difference, especially when the time is calling” Amin-ur-Rehman says.

The Click Donate campaign by Fodpanda, Pakistan’s top online food ordering service, has been launched in partnership with TCS Connect and Orange Tree Foundation, a charity organization with an educational mission. TCS Connect is providing logistical support for the cause, collecting donations door to door nationwide and delivering the payments to the Orange Tree Foundation, which would then distribute ration bags to deserving families.

To spread the message of giving and sharing in the month of Ramadan, Foodpanda has come up with an impressive video that highlights the issues of hunger, poverty in Pakistan and motivate the people, especially the youth to take that first step and make a difference. The message encourages the viewers to contribute by expressing: “It’s their right, not charity! Everyone deserves to be happy.”