Away from him, in a different and beautiful city, after so many years, here she is again thinking about him.

‘Why doesn’t he just vanish from my thoughts?’

she said to her friend, who was ever ready to listen to her woes without complaining or replying.

So she continued like always,

‘Don’t you think we always miss what is gone and away from our life?

Those faded flowers, that missing watch, that home or city, that old friend or more?

I do, I do miss them and at times a lot.

But why?

Why cannot I just focus on the present and leave behind the past as if it never existed in my life!’

‘Because it did exist!’ her friend replied shrugging.

‘Coffee?’ asked her friend with a smile.

‘With extra mik!’ she replied trying to smile back at her.

He sure would have forgotten my face by now, she thought and smiled at her folly.

And with that coffee he was gone from her mind but not for long.

In some other beautiful city, far away from her, here he was sipping coffee with a friend who perhaps be called girlfriend.

‘What’s wrong with you?’ she asked him once again.

Owing to no reply she continued:

‘Have not you ever lied to anyone? Have not you ever said anything without really meaning it? So what if I did it?’

Still finding him silent, she said,

‘I am sorry, it won’t happen again’ and kept gazing at him with an innocent expression on her not-so-innocent face.

But today this word ‘Sorry’ reminded him of a distant scene from past, few months or years ago maybe when he was mad at her and.. what did she say to him?

‘I said I’m sorry’ she said in a low voice but in a careless tone.

‘Say it when you mean it!’ he yelled at her fuming with anger.

And that was where their last conversation ended before he disconnected all his links with her. He went away from her life and she also took a different turn on the topsy-turvy road of life.

But that’s a different thing that they never went away from each other’s mind or heart and always treasured all the good times left behind.

But right now right here at this coffee table why was he thinking of someone lost ages ago!

She might have forgotten my name by now, he thought trying to free her from his mind.

‘I’m sorry’ his friend pleaded.

This plea brought his thoughts back to present time from a long lost past.

At last all he could say was,

‘it’s okay’, though his mind was pressing him hard to say, ‘Say it when you mean it!’.

But he did not listen to his mind because this time even he did not mean it when he said it’s okay.

And with that beautiful smile of his friend, he brushed aside her thoughts again but not for long.