A new face of clouds

It was warm inside; sort of getting unbearable to stay in any longer so I let myself out to take in a breath of fresh air, but the atmosphere outside was even more unpleasant.

I moved my head up as if to find the reason of this bitter weather and noticed that some gloomy grayish-white clouds have seized the bright sky. The sight rather seemed suffocating; hardly visible blissful sky was doing every effort to dodge the clouds and run away.
But the grey toxic clouds had a firm grip on the sky with its clutching hands and did not let the sky alone even for a minute.

Witnessing all this the suffocation inside me was reaching its height but I did not move and kept standing there for some time in doubt, I could not go back in that insufferably warm room and I cannot witness this scene anymore where the poor sky was at the mercy of lethal clouds.

Besides this choking scene what astonished me was this unlikely face of clouds which I observed only today; I have always put them in high regard in my mind and thought of clouds as someone who bring relief and joy in the form of rain.

But just look at them! What are the clouds doing! Cannot anyone see this?

Help! Someone! I cannot reach them! I cannot free the sky from the clouds!

I kept gazing upwards as if numb whilst desperately trying to inhale harder as if it was my neck the clouds were grasping on and not sky’s.

At this very moment, I heard a gust of air and felt that at last someone has heard my wordless plea.
I felt myself slowly being freed from the stiff hands of clouds and could feel the fresh air reaching all over my inside.

But who was this?

I looked up instantly finding that the cool powerful wind has blown away the deadly clouds far-off from the blissful sky. The sky glanced back at me and looked as relieved as I felt myself..


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