Weird attraction

Full Moon

What compelled me to write tonight is that milky white almost perfect round object lighting up the whole of the sky. The moon which captivated my totally tonight! so much so that I was constantly looking at it and it was glaring back at me with more or less same admiration.

The full moon that my eyes witnessed last night and tonight was certainly not some ordinary sight.
The moon looked different, it attracted me in a weird away with so much intensity that I instantly wanted to touch it somehow. Don’t really know what attraction it had tonight, but it was simply a beautiful and soothing thing to look at! and reminded me of these lines..

One day I’ll go dancing on the moon
Someday you’ll know, that I was the one for you

Someday we’ll know, if love can move a mountain
Someday we’ll know, why the sky is blue
Someday we’ll Know, why I wasn’t meant for you

Later on, i read that the April 28 full moon is known as the “Full Pink Moon” because of the grass pink – or wild ground phlox – flower, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers to bloom in the spring. And that there is a special lunar name for every full moon in a year.

But what’s in a name? whatever name we may give it, the fact is it still remains a moon, earth’s well-lit and highly anticipated neighbour. Specially anticipated by and significant for Muslims, because the Islamic calendar is a lunar calendar based on 12 lunar months in a year. The Muslims all around the globe practice moon sighting so as to mark the start of  a month and to determine the proper day on which to celebrate Islamic holy days and festivals.

And then there are several stories associated with the moon, about its magical abilities and mysteries connected with it. It is often said that this Moon really has some magical abilities. Once you start looking at it continuously for few minutes, you won’t be able to tear yourself away from the Moon.

For instance, the tides depends on the Moon. Since the rise and fall of water in the ocean are caused by the gravitational interaction between the Earth and the Moon. I have been on the beach on the full moon night, the tides just seem mad trying to reach the people on the shore as far as they can. Some people are afraid of it and some just love the feeling and I am glad to be the part of the latter group of people.

And then the full Moon is even more mysterious. Even scientists proved that the full Moon has particular influence on the human organism. The positive or negative influence on the person depends on every personality.
And then of course the stories of werewolves and vampires that are supposedly active at night of the full Moon and it is also said that people turn into wolves when they looked at the full Moon.

I don’t know if there is tiny truth in any of those stories but I know people always wanted to reach the Moon. And they managed it though, being a sceptic person I am not pretty sure that they whatever they did land on was Moon or what.

This weird attraction of mine is perhaps part of the reason that my nom de plume is Selene.
In Greek mythology, Seléne was an archaic lunar deity. Essentially, Selene is the moon goddess but is literally defined as ‘the moon’. Selene is generally depicted as a beautiful woman with a pale face, riding a silver chariot drawn by white horses or white oxen. The best known myth about Selene tells how who madly loved a mortal named Endymion, a shepherd.

However, the main reason for this name of mine is Kate Beckinsale, named as Selene in the movie, Underworld. The moment I saw her, I started imagining myself in the same character as ferocious as her and using different types of weapons both modern and medieval.


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