I believe music, and more specifically songs have a very special effect on human mind, feelings and behaviour. Sometimes a particular song reminds of a memory that we hold dear. A song can actually create the whole scene in our mind and thus allows us the chance of re-enjoying the moment that has passed long ago.
And this is what I am experiencing right now. This song ‘I need a hero – Frou Frou’ and ‘Don’t leave home – Dido’ are constantly reminding me of July 2009 when Ahsan was here and he first introduced me to these two songs and I instantly liked them.
What time! What memories these two songs have brought upon me today!
We would be awake all night watching movies or playing Ono or just talking and more talking. And those fights – which seemed like a heart attack then, are now a reason to smile.

Good times those were!
But this is not the case always. Sometimes songs bring to life harsh memories, troubled times and when that happens you yearn to be back in that time so that you could correct the past, bring back what has been lost. However something or someone which is no more cannot be brought back to life and this is a sad part about music.

But still memory it is – good or bad – your choice! Enjoy it or ignore it!

But why do these songs and music affect us so much! Why?
Because we let them do so! We have given them the authority to control our feelings but in fact it should be the other way around. We should be in control of our things, our feelings – only us! And not some music, films or books!