heart vs mind

Fuming with anger and burning with pain she started throwing away the cushion and books nearby, her heart and mind constantly in a state of war.
Why was she always misunderstood! And that to by the ones who were important to her, who know her, or they don’t? But Why!

Heart was telling her to be calm and talk to him but mind was strictly restricting her from calling.
Mind was telling her ‘if you would call him now, he will take you as a fragile futile being incapable of making and sticking to a decision.’
‘Okay, I won’t call him, I am strong enough to stick to my decisions ’ she thought feeling strong.

But then heart won’t shut up that easily, it said ‘you were at fault too. So what if you would call first and apologize? It would not make you less courteous in your own and his eyes.’

Mind replied, ‘Apologize? For what? Not at all. The word sorry won’t make things better, it will only put shame to your love, your respect, your feelings..’

The heart remained silent and mind seems to be winning the battle up till now but someone interrupted at this moment. Who? It was time. With the passing of seconds and minutes her anger was dying down and this brought an assault on the arguments of mind. An attack which took the mind down.

Heart was smiling – a smile usually seen on the winner’s face, it said, ‘It’s no big deal if you would call first. After all relations are more important than self-respect.’
Listening to this voice of heart her hand readily grabbed the phone.
But there was no answer from the other end.
The heart started sinking out of humiliation and this recent smile on the face of heart shifted to mind’s face. And soon the smile turned into a laugh – a loud scornful sound of the laugh was all that could be heard.


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